We take a collaborative approach that results in architecture that is of enduring value to our clients and their communities. Our depth of knowledge about trends and innovation is drawn from the collegial atmosphere where our team members exchange ideas gained from client projects located throughout the United States.

Master Planning

Our experienced team focuses on the mix of uses that create community, designing the districts of the future where values of timeless design, equity, sustainability, mobility and sense of place are paramount. Our depth and breadth of work allows us to draw on the perspective of our team members and the variety of projects.


We subscribe to a narrative-driven design process in which we translate the story’s conceptual qualities into an architectural vocabulary. Our projects express their narratives through a sequencing of moments along the user’s path. As these moments reveal more details, they eventually add up to the project’s story in its entirety.

Store Planning

Store Planning is what takes you from your first flagship/prototype location, to a fleet of locations. We will help you identify the foundational elements of your brand, and repeat that across multiple real estate opportunities. Expansion is limitless.


As architects and designers, we quite literally shape the urban environment, which impacts the environment, our health and inevitably our way of life. With sustainability services at RDC, it is our opportunity to develop creative solutions to achieve a result that goes beyond having a neutral impact and eventually a regenerative one.


We are procurement specialists that achieve harmony between a project’s unique aesthetic, fiduciary, and strategic parameters. Our process focuses on the value achieved through transparency and collaboration with the full project team.