Creative sourcing & Procurement

What we do

Procurement with creativity, diligence and precision. We are procurement specialists that achieve harmony between a project’s unique aesthetic, fiduciary, and strategic parameters. Our process focuses on the value achieved through transparency and collaboration with the full project team


1. We are ambassadors of the designer’s intent (Creativity)
Our team is involved early and often to help protect the designer’s intent. We leverage our experience in custom fabrication and depth of vendor relationships to achieve the project goals.

2. We are stewards of the client’s investment (Diligence)
Our responsibility is the diligent stewardship of the client’s investment. As a fiduciary, we take professional responsibility for managing the FFE, art, and custom fabrication budgets.

3. We are doers facilitating creative solutions (Precision)
Our three-phase procurement approach begins in Schematic Design and finishes after the final punch walk. We apply our experience to anticipate challenges and ensure success.

How we fit in

From collaboration to integration. Our process is an evolution from the sequential consultant structure to an integrated specialty service that applies the expertise of each trade throughout the entire effort.

We start early, communicate constantly, and never forget budget realities.

Ambassadors of the designers intent


New York, NY | Creative Sourcing & Procurement

To create a 2,200 sf holistic wellness experience for ORA that is effective, efficient and luxurious, Rdc. implemented brand details such as sophisticated lighting, curved walls and raw materials. We streamlined procurement of furniture, fixtures, millwork, audio-visual and technical equipment.

Novel Park

Irvine, CA | Creative Sourcing & Procurement

RDC is providing interior design and procurement services for the stylish and imaginative community centers at the Orange County Great Park masterplan. “The Garage” is a microcosm of regional history reimagined as a community hub, requiring creative sourcing and found-item curation. The marque item is a refurbished motorcycle harkening back to the site’s stint as a race track.

Stewards of the client’s investment

Wayfarer Hotel

Los Angeles, CA | Creative Sourcing & Procurement

Our creative sourcing and procurement team collaborated with hotel ownership and their consultants to execute the unique vision of the Wayfarer brand and its iconic moments

Kinney Hotel

San Luis Obispo, CA | Creative Sourcing & Procurement

Our team was tasked with providing a unique guest experience, one unique to each room. Working with designers, architects, artist, and fabricators our team relied on automated production and hyperprogramming to come in under budget and on time.

Facilitators of Creative Solutions

Novel Park

Irvine, CA | Creative Sourcing & Procurement

This project relied heavily on a narrative of revealing the unexpected. Our tea helped accomplish this through a mixture of custom and prefabricated items, balance creativity and timeliness.

Newport Summit

Irvine, CA | Creative Sourcing & Procurement

Modern furniture must meet modern demands. These bespoke tables provide ample charging for guests. They conceal bulky outlets but provide elegant access cues.

Sky Garden at Rise Park

Orange County Great Park, Irvine, CA | Creative Sourcing & Procurement

The team created a custom experiential sculpture, “Sky Garden.”  Paired with formed polished concrete benches, the ombre colored steel louvers reach for the sky.

Confluence Park at Valenica

Confluence Park Valencia, CA | Creative Sourcing & Procurement

The interiors team worked to make a place that offers comfort, respite and delight for casual resident visits and larger special events, while framing the mountain views and acknowledging the nature of the local area.

Chris Gorney

Director of Creative Sourcing and Procurement

Chris is the Director of Creative Sourcing and Procurement at RDC. His team works closely with architects, interior designers, builders, and vendors to ensure the highest quality items for each unique project, while negotiating with manufacturers to achieve the best cost and time-efficient results.

Using an open-book and collaborative approach, Chris has the advantage of understanding the nuances of millwork, furnishing, and custom fabrication in order to reach a true-to-concept product. He brings with him more than a decade of experience working across multiple disciplines
within the design industry. His work has spanned across hospitality, interiors, architecture, urban design, construction, planning, food & beverage, and multi-family spaces, along with an expertise in specialty fabrication.