Oakbrook Center

Chicago, IL | Retail | Oakbrook

Client: Brookfield Retail Properties
Size: NA

Oakbrook Center has been an iconic property since its inception in the early 1960s. It defies common retail logic in numerous ways, including the basic tenet that shoppers won’t patronize an outdoor center in the winter months. The embrace of the outdoors and the recognition of the often brutal Chicago winters makes for a remarkable and distinctly authentic place. Our role will be to introduce new uses to the property’s eastern quadrant with an eye to the overall shopper experience. We believe that a rigorous Urban Planning methodology is helpful in unlocking unrealized potential though stakeholder engagement, data and analysis, site investigation and finely tuned urban design.  

Our approach addresses many technical, aesthetic and financial aspects within the process. We have assembled a team of experienced planners, urban designers, architects, landscape architects, visionaries and technical experts who will honor the history of Oakbrook, the recent, significant improvements and envision scenarios that build substantial additional value on GGP’s property.

Chicago Retail Architecture -  Oakbrook Center
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