The Artist Tree

Los Angeles, CA | Cannabis | West Hollywood

Client: The Artist Tree
Size: 5,000 SF

The Artist Tree tapped RDC’s Interior Design team to create a holistic design that could be utilized as a prototype for the company’s existing properties and future locations. With the goal of differentiating The Artist Tree within a highly competitive cannabis space, RDC worked closely with the ownership team to develop a design narrative that took an art-forward approach, exploring the relationship between creativity and cannabis.

Inspired by the ingenuity within the artist community, RDC established a design that showcases cannabis products in the context of a curated gallery space. RDC integrated opportunities within the design to display original pieces from local artists, deliberately pairing cannabis inspired artwork with cannabis product display. Reinforcing The Artist Tree’s dedication to supporting the artist community, RDC’s innovative design elevates the experience of viewing art and cannabis products within a creatively experiential environment.

In addition to exploring unique artistic interactions within the retail experience, RDC pulled inspiration from the cannabis growing process itself, and found creative ways to include these elements into the design of the space. The Cultivation Cube, a centrally located glass jewel box displaying young plants, serves as the backdrop for the store’s arrival experience. With a focus on sustainability, RDC chose to incorporate natural materials and various wood species to achieve a familiar, yet subtle sophistication for the overall interior design.