Suzhou Yellow Wine Cultural Center

Suzhou, China | Mixed Use

RDC is the master planner, architect and landscape architect, creating a mixed-use district where visitors can come to learn about the heritage of yellow wine, a Chinese alcoholic beverage made from rice.

Located 90 minutes from Shanghai, Zhangjiagang is located along the Yangtze River, the land is fertile, with rice paddies and fish farms, and yellow wine production. The area is made up of canals and waterways and is known for traditional Chinese architecture..

Suzhou Yellow Wine Cultural Center - Master Planning Architects in China

The design for this new mixed-use development is part modern and part traditional, and includes expansive plazas, lawns and public areas. The existing yellow wine production facility and wine storage warehouses are prominent on the site. The mix of uses includes a yellow wine museum, wine experience center and store, a commercial district with restaurants, shops and galleries. A residential village is planned for a place to live for the families of the people who work there.

Suzhou Yellow Wine Cultural Center - Mixed Use Architects in China