Sky Garden

Orange County Great Park, Irvine, CA | Creative Sourcing & Procurement

Client: FivePoint
Size: NA

The Creative Sourcing and Procurement team created a custom experiential sculpture, “Sky Garden,” an extension of The Profound Sanctuary Garden within the Orange County Great Park (OCGP). The Sky Garden is designed to create a sense of balance for the mind and body by incorporating empty (yin) and occupied (yang) space. Paired with formed polished concrete benches reminiscent of the classic Parisian kissing bench, the ombre colored steel louvers reach for the sky in hopes of using form and space to sow
conversation. This is a place for quiet contemplation and reflecting on the sky above, on big ideas. The vertical enclosure and the angle of the seating is meant to direct your focus beyond yourself and your immediate surroundings whilst providing a physical space for discussion with friends. The color palette was chosen as an homage to the desert sunset.