Our interior design team consists of architects, designers, and artists, who are all devoted to the experiential art of contextual storytelling. Focusing on instilling a deeper appreciation and emphasis on design, we are passionate about creating unique and memorable destinations.

We subscribe to a narrative-driven design process in which we translate the story’s conceptual qualities into an architectural vocabulary. Our projects express their narratives through a sequencing of moments along the user’s path. As these moments reveal more details, they eventually add up to the project’s story in its entirety.

Featured Projects

Novel Park

Irvine, CA | Interiors


Culver City, CA | Fitness

The Artist Tree

West Hollywood, CA | Cannabis


Portland, OR | Workplace


Long Beach, CA | Workplace

RDC Urban Workplace

Long Beach, CA | Workplace


Los Angeles, CA | Food

Griffis Lobby

Long Beach, CA | Residential

NutriDrip by Clean Market

Las Vegas, NV | Wellness