Park & Broadway

Client: Liberty National Corporation
Size: 770 Units | Buildings A and B 406 Units | Building 364 (Phase 2) | 38 Floors
36 Floors | 6 Floors

Designed in the sleek manner of a luxury cruise ship, Park & Broadway is located on a full downtown block. A fault line with a no build area runs diagonally through the site. Three mixed-use buildings, proposed to be built in phases, include a six-story mid-rise structure, and two high-rise towers with commercial uses at the street level.

Common area square footage far exceeds requirements, totally 154,000 of outdoor SF common space and 9,000 SF of indoor common areas.  Private balconies are prioritized for residential units, with two buildings offering private balconies for 100 percent of the units and the remaining building with 83 percent of units offering private balconies.

High Rise Tower - rdc - San Diego Architects