Long Beach, CA | Interiors | Los Angeles

Client: Laserfiche
Size: 10,000 SF

The global software development firm, Laserfiche, empowers its active user community to share ideas and inspire solutions. Their new headquarters supports this culture by engaging staff through dynamic, flexible settings that allow people to find the best setting for their work needs.

Laserfiche’s new headquarters creates an interior hierarchy, catering experiences in public spaces towards guests by informing them about the Laserfiche story and legacy while transitioning seamlessly into private spaces for employees, providing a variety of work settings for both group and individual work.

Commercial Office Interior Design - Laserfiche

The interior architecture and design take cues from the core and shell of the building, taking advantage of the expansive open floor plates by utilizing an open office configuration along the interior perimeter with offices inset for maximum daylight distribution. By incorporating WELL building principals with thoughtful design, RDC aims to positively influence the way Laserfiche employees experience their workplace.