Citizen Market

Culver City, CA | Hospitality

Client: RMD | United Property Management Services

Size: 6,600 SF

Citizen Public Market will be a neighborhood gathering place for food and socializing. Our mission is to celebrate the creativity of Los Angeles-based chefs and entrepreneurs, to become an indispensable local eating destination, and to honor the history and modern sensibilities of the communities of Culver City and the surrounding westside neighborhoods.

With the virtues of its intimate spaces, central location, and commitment to culinary excellence, Citizen Market will become a vibrant morning-to-midnight experience for eating, drinking, and socializing. Citizen’s future success lies in its iconic popularity as a favored, first-choice destination for Culver City residents, workers, and visitors. Citizen Public Market will curate best-in-category food-and-drink offerings in a market-hall setting in the heart of Culver City.