AMC montclair

Montlcair, CA | Montclair

Client: CIM Group
Size: 130,000 SF

As part of the greater transformation of Montclair Place and the demolition of an existing department store, the 130,000 SF Montclair Theater is the focal point and the newest entertainment destination in the area, offering cinema, dining and gaming. The first floor features a family recreational area, restaurant, and café with covered outdoor seating. Atop the first floor leisure and dining space sits the 12-screen AMC dine-in theater. The robust area is covered on all sides with grey powder-coated aluminum panels set in a custom routed pattern. This skin is backlit to permit glowing light through panel perforations, thus creating a shimmering, evening jewel box. The building’s monolithic form and material palette includes industrial weathering steel, CNC routed aluminum panels and bright, smooth troweled plaster, inspired by the nearby desert landscape and California modern architecture. 

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