The interior architecture by RDC reimagines creative office design at this 100,000-sf tech-forward environment that facilitates both in-office collaboration and a new hybrid working model. The sustainable, high-performance building was designed by Studio One Eleven.

To execute the Laserfiche’s desired environmental brand, RDC Interiors incorporated bold shapes, clean lines and harmonious textures, which reflect Laserfiche’s brand identity of being confident, organized, innovative and tech-forward. A natural palette of wood, stone, and concrete paired with the brand color of dark blue guide the palette throughout the space, with Laserfiche’s distinctive orange and other bright brand colors used in key accents to increase visual interest in the space. Each area of the building is designated as a combination of formal or casual and open or private to create numerous combinations of varied visual noise that as a whole form an energetic and vibrant experience.

A variety of open and flexible spaces to facilitate both team collaboration and decompression are available on each floor of the building. Collaboration areas for team discussions and whiteboarding sessions are designed to be a change of pace from workstations or private offices. RDC Interior’s design choices aligned with these spaces’ goals; soft materials and multi-functional surfaces in those areas can be moved around spontaneously in these unstructured, configurable areas. Decompression spaces are also available for employees to use and offer a relaxed feel for reflection, play, or a break.