Rivian Electric Trucks and SUV's in Venice, CA

RDC celebrates Rivian’s first Hub – a physical location designed to encourage exchange with the local community and for Rivian fans to gather and connect. Because purchasing a Rivian can be done digitally, Rivian is untethered from the traditional car-buying experience, and free to define what they wanted a Rivian space to be. RDC is proud to have served as architect of record for Rivian’s vision for this special place.

The buildings that now house the Venice Hub stand on the property where author Ray Bradbury lived and worked for several years. Over the decades, these buildings have been home to everything from an electric-works building to an art gallery. Now, the doors are open to the community, and this site will serve above all as a place for people to come together.

The Venice Hub, located at 660 Venice Boulevard, is a comfortable, open place to create, relax, and learn. It’s comprised of shaded gardens and seating out front, an open-air play space for kids, a library with both local and iconic titles, locally made wares, a bright makers’ space stocked with creative materials, and a courtyard area between the site’s two buildings where visitors can explore an R1T and ask questions about Rivian’s mission, products and programs. The Venice Hub offers a host of workshops focused on useable knowledge (plant a simple organic garden this fall or learn how to get the most of a visit to a National Park) and discussions about broader concepts such as sustainable energy.