Erewhon Silverlake - Grocery Architecture

RDC Unveils Design of Latest Erewhon Market With Several More Planned Throughout Los Angeles

“The building’s retail level was originally designed to house up to six retail spaces,” said Todd. “RDC creatively modified it into one store with multiple uses.”

The interiors were designed with custom-made brick, tilework, and wood millwork. This tailored approach helped to simplify the installation process and elevate the store’s organic yet modern feel.

The Silver Lake location is the sixth Erewhon in Los Angeles. Working in conjunction with leasing/construction management firm Slated Projects, Erewhon’s sales volume per square foot is estimated to be far higher than most other grocers. With the company in expansion mode, the new locations will also rely on RDC’s knack for transforming spaces that are rejected by traditional markets.

“The Erewhon strategy is to excel in locations that may not have loading docks or acres of parking – traditional grocery store demands – but deliver a sophisticated, urban clientele,” said RDC Job Captain Elise Kunihiro working with Erewhon. “That’s our expertise as well: solving space problems or adapting funky buildings to best render the company’s identity.”

Brick and mortar retail tends to be a formulaic industry, but that is not us,” said Erewhon Chief Development Officer Yuval Chiprut. “Attractive but difficult settings that most groceries avoid

because of site constraints are often where we do best, in large part because of the design ingenuity of RDC and Erewhon.”

Apart from Erewhon, RDC’s previous work in specialty markets includes Ralphs Fresh Fare in Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills Bristol the Beverly Hills Bristol Farms (in the former Chasen’s restaurant) and the new Co-opportunity Market in Culver City.

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