Retail Design Collaborative



Location: Santa Monica, CA
Type: Experiential Market
Size: 12,000 SF
Client: Erewhon
Development Partner: Slated Projects
Design Architect: Montalba Architects, Inc.

Erewhon Santa Monica is a collaboration between executive architect, Retail Design Collaborative, design architect Montalba Architects and Slated Projects.

The single-story, approximately 12,000 SF building will be renovated from its original 1993 single-tenant structure to a 10,500 square-foot multi-layered, contemporary façade and landscape design to accommodate a new outdoor terrace area.

The project features pedestrian seating and dining areas, climbing vegetation on the face of the building and a unique lighting plan to enhance the design and parking area.

Erewhon Santa Monica will be located at 2800 Wilshire Blvd. on the southeast corner of the Harvard Street intersection in the mixed-use boulevard district, with multifamily residential units to the South.

All renderings are provided by Montalba Architects, Inc.