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The Story of Our Move

The Story of Our Move

Firm updates10/04/2016
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Retail Design Collaborative is excited to announce the move of our office headquarters in Long Beach. Repurposing a large Nordstrom Rack facility, the open space allows us to create a collaborative atmosphere. This move reinforces our dedication to revitalizing communities and making everyday places extraordinary.

One New Office

On October 17th, 2016 we moved our office headquaters and 150 local employees to 245 East Third Street, Long Beach, CA 90802. Rooted in Long Beach for more than 30 years, our brands are pleased to move from the upper floors of a high rise building in downtown to the street level of a thriving, fast-rising community.

So, why move?

You may be wondering why we would decide to move from a high rise with amazing city-wide views to a previously housed Nordstrom Rack facility on the street level.

Retail Design Collaborative is dedicated to revitalizing shopping centers one city block at a time. To catalyze redevelopment of an overlooked area of downtown and spur urban vitality, we are relocating to become a key tenant of downtown Long Beach’s former City Place. Inspired by the vibrancy which is developing along the Promenade south of Third Street, we are excited by the chance to transform a bland shopping center into a vibrant component of the city.

The new space allows us to physically be closer to the community, directly connecting with the people who utilize the urbanism we are helping to shape. Our large conference room will double as a community room, providing gathering space for community members and organizations. We’ve also collaborated with local artists to help curate the interior and exterior of our office, creating one-of-a-kind art pieces which reflect our community.

And the journey continues...

Be sure to stop by and see our new office at 245 East Third Street, Long Beach, CA 90802. We look forward to seeing you there!

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