Retail Design Collaborative

Let's Talk Retail! ICSC CenterBuild 2017

Let's Talk Retail! ICSC CenterBuild 2017


Experts from Retail Design Collaborative spoke at this year's ICSC CenterBuild Conference to discuss topics on the future of retail, the evolution of mall retailing, creating retail experiences and more!

Mitra Esfandiari

Experience is King

Discuss how robust growth of e-commerce has caused traditional "Brick and Mortar" retailers to focus on being more than just a place to shop!

Analyze how incorporation of authentic experiences has become a critical strategy for success of retail developments

Understand implementation of "Placemaking" for providing commercial success, while defining memorable and pleasant experiences for vibrant communities

Analyze how food, entertainment, hospitality and fitness are key anchors in experiential retail/mixed use project

Discuss how landlords and tenants are responding to generational diversity and connecting with consumers

Understand how leasing strategies and unique mix of uses contribute to providing authentic experiences

David Sheldon

Presents The Future of Retail

Understanding the NEW definition for Retail. Retail is beyond a store, or a mall, it's the blurring lines between it and all the adjacents uses.

Enhanced knowledge about specific trends in the retail industry.

Gain an understanding for how retail will evolve in the future.

Understanding effects of technology and transportation changes as it relates to the future of retail.

Sean Slater

More, More, More! The Evolution of Mall Retailing

ANALYZE the state of the enclosed shopping center. Where and how they work and succeed and where and how they have failed to evolve to a radically changed marketplace.

DISCUSS the Lifestyle Center as an intermediate trend of the late '90's and early '00s and how the "lifestyle" was a reaction to the negatives of the mall experience.

EVALUATE the evolution of the shopping center sites into "alls" with entertainment, housing, restaurants, retail, community services, non-profits and commercial office, among others.

CONSIDER how a shopping center can capture and maintain the consumers' interest in the age of a YouTube cat-on-a-roomba-in-a-shark-suit entertainment. How can experiences translate into a landlord's increased bottom line.

Sean Unsell

Retail Refresh

Understanding the mechanisms for refreshing retail projects.

Broadening perspectives on repositioning beyond architectural repair.

Understanding layered collaborative approach to retail repair.

Gaining knowledge into process and steps needed to effectively refresh a retail project.

Branko Prebanda

Food as the New Anchor

Understanding the vast changes in the food-related retail industry.

Enhanced knowledge about grocer led retail projects, as well as trends in the industry.

Gain an understanding for what the difference is between a Food Hall and a Food Court.

Understanding how consumer demands are enabling consumers to want to eat out more than home, for the first time ever.

Joseph Serruya

Walmart Hayden Meadows- How a Famous American Retailer Bulit the Nation's Most Intensively Monitored Eco-Roof

Sustainability is at the forefront of just about every development today. That effort comes in many forms. In this case study, you will see first-hand how the largest retailer in America joined with a prestigious list of sustainability champions to design, monitor, and ultimately promote the country’s largest eco-roof in Portland, Oregon. With 40,000 square feet of roof area, the objective of the Walmart Eco-Roof Project was to advance the scientific understanding of eco-roof performance as it pertains to rainfall runoff management, energy conservation, and habitat creation. Learn what is involved in the design of an eco-roof, how private businesses and educational institutions can partner for positive results, and gain a greater understanding of how an eco-roof benefits developers, design professionals, and the community.