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Future of Retail Competition

Future of Retail Competition

PressFirm updatesResearch08/15/2016

Recently we welcomed three key players involved in the “Future of Retail” to share their insight on the changing reality of retail to our staff. The future of retail is diverse, and Retail Design Collaborative is proud to be on the cutting edge of trends, looking forward to the next generation. At the event we challenged our staff to conceptualize a typical shopping center suited for the year 2030.

With twelve submissions, we received diverse and forward-thinking responses.

The judge panel was comprised of the speakers from the “Future of Retail” event, Trevor Pollard from Westfield Group, George Ladyman from JLL Project and Development Group, and Raan Parton from Apolis, and additional retail industry experts John Love from Shapell Properties, and Ian Thomas from Thomas Consultants.

All the design submissions reflected some very interesting ideas and creative approaches to the Future of Retail.

One of the judges

Of the twelve submissions, the judges selected three finalists.

The first place candidate, The “Shop (Work) Shop” scheme solved the future of retail through placemaking, programming and transforming the supply chain model. The second place candidate, the “App” scheme, integrated the future influences of e-commerce, transportation (e.g driverless cars) and focused heavily on the community through mobile applications. The third place candidate, the “Tower of Power” scheme, integrated underground parking along with landing pads for hover travel. The retail focused on automation, retail pop ups, banking capsules and self-checkout food service.

Congratulations to our winners and most of all to everyone who participated in our Future of Retail Competition and a huge thank you to our Judges: John Love, Ian Thomas, George Ladyman, Raan Parton and Trevor Pollard.

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