Retail Design Collaborative

Ralphs Sherman Oaks

Ralphs Sherman Oaks

Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
Client: The Kroger Company
Type: Retail
Size: 60,000 SF

Street Connectivity

Bus stops and outside seating were designed to complement the contemporary design of the project and to provide multiple modes for the community to access and gather comfortably at the site.

The Retail Experience


A grand mezzanine allows people to sit and enjoy food and drinks, while establishing a point of connectivity to the community as it is visible to outside traffic.

Fresh New Market

Unique Design

Key departments of the store are easily identified by unique design elements like a suspended, undulating wooden slat – creating movement and visual interest, and a floating ceiling in other areas.


Varying texture and colors connect the interior to the outer shell and carry the modern theme throughout the store.